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Performance Marketing


Pay only for verified actions such as a sale, a download, or a form submission, rather than for just views or clicks.

Swift Revenue

Ensures a mutually beneficial partnership where the success of Advertiser translates directly to the success of the Affiliates


Benefit from our performance-based model because it provides a direct correlation between effort and reward.

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Brands & Affiliates Love Swift Revenue

Benefit from superior analytics and a data-driven approach, resulting in fair opportunities and rewarding ROI for both businesses and affiliates. Using the power of analytics Swift Revenue creates relevant and valuable advertising opportunities for all.

300+ Integrations

Easily make Swift Revenue a key part of your processes with an effective two-way API that’s been tried and tested with over 300 popular applications.

Fraud Prevention & Detection

Instantly and automatically detect fraudulent clicks and conversions, enabling transparency and budget maximization.

Transparent Click Integrity

Receive real-time insights, track progress, and use data to define strategies for success. Collaborate with our experienced team to optimize performance and find your winning formula.

Committed to Compliance

Protecting brand identity and integrity is crucial. Our dedicated compliance team reviews brands, marketing materials, and affiliate applications to ensure nobody is misrepresented and integrity is maintained.

Brands & Affiliates Love Swift Revenue

For a CPA affiliate marketing network to succeed, both brands and affiliates need to be treated equally and have access to the most impactful tools on the market. Hear what they have to say about Swift Revenue.

An Assigned Account Manager

Benefit from a highly experienced, dedicated Account Manager focused on optimizing your Swift Revenue results. Collaborate to define short and long-term goals, formulate a strategy, and execute winning tactics.

Automated Optimization

Alongside human involvement, you can harness the power of predictive algorithms and machine learning to implement real-time optimization, ensuring your strategy, campaigns, and advertising is always generating impactful results.

Refined Targeting

Easily segment data to pinpoint your target audience. With enhanced targeting and offer segmentation, you can filter your desired target by a multitude of geographic, demographic, and time-related variables.

A Global Audience

Tap into a worldwide network of social media followers, websites, email lists, and other platforms, putting your product or service in front of a limitless amount of relevant traffic. Better yet, you can track results and automatically generate reports.

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